Jumat, 26 Desember 2014


Hi there, its me again.. i dont know, i feel i have a lot of things what i want to tell this week, too much posting than usual, my brain still have a lot of dialoug and cannot controled myself.. its becoming harder if i didn't write something, my diary book in second floor, so im too lazy to get that.. ok, to the point, i got my sister with her angry face this morning, she had a problem with her husband again, its looks exhausted for her, and now the problem is about family economic, i still didn't figure it out her husband come from the poor family, sorry to say that but its true, but he can't controled his money such a rich person, besides his wife try to controled that, but the husband didn't try to undertand her.. i know my sister's background, she is from management department in her college, its mean she can more managing than her husband that graduated in sastra department right? Or maybe their actually problem is their atittude?

But clearly, i can get a lesson from this, i must mariage with person that same level or in hadist said something that called "kufu", because its potential that we have more same value in our live and i hope i got someone that more thoughtful than me.. hopefully.. Aaamiin

And if i want that i must upgrade myself too..


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