Sabtu, 21 April 2012

Michael Buble Lyric - Guess I'm Fallin' in Love

When I look into your eyes
I see sunshine
The coulds are blown away
I hope you're here to stay
'Cause I've got me needing more of you
Guess I'm falling for you

You walk away
My eyes caress you
Then you turn and smile
You've caught me thinkin' of love with you
Guess I'm falling, I may be falling for you

Since I met you days are brighter
Life's uneven loads are lighter
When I hear you whisper the words I long to hear dear
Now I look into your eyes
I'm lost in knowing that you are all I want
My need for you is growing
Guess I'm falling, I think I'm falling for you
Think about falling for me too

made by

a Gift from my friends

a gift from my brother's girlfriend

Made by me

Jumat, 20 April 2012

who is the victim?

i'm starting to trust you
i know that it's too late
i need my time
but you say you don't need my trust
you want me to be leaving
And i'm crying because of you
who not crying when i have done it

I hate you even though i love you
I keep away from you even though i miss you
I keep calm even though my heart trembled
I change myself like a sculpture
I change my life like a fiction story

And now, my beautiful dream changed to be a nightmare


i see your back
you turned to look at me once
I keep smiling even though you keep crying
i don't want to cry like i'm actually a victim
because i'm a suspect, i think

I have many pain about the girl
And I want to vengeance
But i chosen a wrong girl
I choose you
You are the girl who never felt the beauty of love or the pain of love
And i already love you, but it's wrong
you too sweet to be a victim of love
especially with me
i think you must together with a true man
and he's not me