Selasa, 28 Oktober 2014

just refreshing my mind

My live is kinda boring
What's next after this hardwork
Is there any chance for me to be succesful women
Or just wasting my time
I wanna fight in my opportunity
But why the time is such as rival in this work
I need more than 24 hours for this
But world always give me 24 for one day
And it wont be  change
Why its like Sacrificing my body performance
I always being sick when works getting worse
Its like i have to follow this rule and i never going back.. I can not going back actually

Oh god.. Why i must faces this depressed everyday and make my mind burn.. I dont wanna be the ambisious one, but i just wanna be the Grateful one.. 

In my 4th semester, i heard an information about going to study in german for one mounth, and the requirement is passing a presentation test. I hope i can participate, but i have a bad feeling about my mental and my language acquisition (i googling to get some words like acquisition.. Oh god)

ya rahman ya rahim... Allah, just forgive me and give me some opportunity.. Amiin

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shofacool mengatakan...

bismillah. jawaban Allah cuma 3, yes, yes but not now, or He will give you better :)